Alliance Communication Solutions | People Visibility System
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People Visibility System

DominateRFID People Visibility System utilizes the latest passive and active RFID technology to provide you with real-time tracking of staff, contractors, visitors, VIP customers, students, teachers, security guards, exhibitors, vehicles or any other member types that you define in the system.

The system consists of a web-based application, RFID Reader and RFID Access Card. When members come within range of the RFID reader, the system immediately identifies who they are and follows the rules defined in the Alert module. It can display their picture for visual verification and log their time of arrival and departure at the designated access points.

Alert system can be setup to notify the management of all activities. The Alert system is rule based; user can define conditions and actions for events to be taken in case the event is matched. The Alerts can be sent via SMS, email or pop-up screen to the concerned party’s computer or mobile device(s). It can also control access doors, turn on a buzzer or flash strobe lights.

Solve your People Visibility challenges with DominateRFID!


  • Web-based application accessible from anywhere.
  • Detects and quantifies people inside a building or a controlled area.
  • Perfect for emergency evacuation and personnel accountability.
  • Provides historical trails between given times.
  • Know the member’s stay times in any controlled area.
  • Real-time location monitoring.
  • Captures an image or video of any length at the time of people movement.
  • Monitor and confirm the presence and location of security guards at any given time.
  • Extensive detailed reports.