Alliance Communication Solutions | Event Management System
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Event Management System

Solve your Event Management challenges with DominateRFID!


  • Web-based application accessible from anywhere.
  • Detects how many attendees are inside exhibit halls, arenas or buildings.
  • System controls and enforces occupancy limits of each location.
  • Know the attendee’s staying times in any location.
  • View list of attendees on the map of exhibition facility.
  • A perfect tool for emergency evacuation and personnel accountability.
  • Real-time location monitoring.
  • Captures an image or video of any length at the time of attendee’s movement.
  • Actively monitor and confirm the presence and location of security guards at any given time.
  • Extensive detailed reports.


DominateRFID Event Management system provides trade show management and exhibitors with an easy and non-disruptive system to gather information about trade show attendees. The system is capable of simultaneously using passive and active RFID tags. In order to keep the costs down, passive RFID has been extensively used to provide real-time attendee information on the show floor.


The system automates the registration and check-in process, thereby eliminating long lines and delivering much faster and more convenient check-in for the attendees. This feature can also help to solve the problem of counterfeit tickets in events.


Location Occupancy module allows you to control occupancy in any controlled area such as classroom, exhibit hall, concert hall, etc. You can set a maximum number of allowable persons in the area within certain time zones. System will automatically monitor the attendance in real-time and graphically display, on mobile devices, the current attendance compared to the maximum allowed. Your staff will be able to control the event safely and securely and, as a result, adhere to corporate and local government safety regulations. You will have peace of mind knowing the event will be managed smoothly and efficiently. System will provide you with extensive reports for statistical analysis and occupancy evaluation of each location in the event.


Beyond the time and cost savings achieved, DominateRFID Event Management System improves your marketing offerings, enhances attendee analysis, and adds value to lead generation and sales activities. Use it for events such as exhibitions, conferences, concerts, shows, sport stadiums and other public events to record and control the participant’s arrival, departure and stay time at each location.


DominateRFID Event Management System is the system of choice by some of the most famous events, such as the World Government Summit.